[UPDATED] DreamHost Coupon Code

We participate in the DreamHost affiliate program and we’ve updated our dreamhost coupon: MAXCOUPON90. That is almost for free. There is not a cheaper solution!

This discount code can be used to save $90 on Web Hosting and Receive Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth!.

If you don’t use Dreamhost yet, open a DreamHost account: you will have 97 days to decide that you don’t like it and get your money back.

Enter the promo code when filling on the signup form; you have to enter the code in the Promo Code field.

Why we recommend Dreamhost?:

  • Unlimited hosting and Unlimited storage from Dreamhost
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySql databases
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited domains and subdomains
  • SSH access
  • Discount coupons

Tip: If you create an account using our coupon and then you create your own coupon, you can get more money and your hosting will be for free.

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The best hosting deal – DreamHost two-year hosting plan

Shared hosting is an ideal solution for bloggers and small businesses. Many websites reside on a single web server, and that the server’s resources (CPU and RAM) are shared among every customer account on the machine. That is the reason why it is so cheaper.

For a two-year plan you’ll get:

+ Unlimited disk storage (50GB free backup)
+ Unlimited monthly bandwidth
+ Unlimited hosted domains and subdomains
+ Shell access SSH
+ Unlimited ftp accounts FTP / SFTP users
+ Unlimited email accounts
+ Unlimited MySQL 5 Databases
+ 100% Uptime Guarantee
+ 24/7 Customer Support
+ 1 Click App Installation
+ WordPress Optimized
+ 97 Day Money Back Guarantee

Special promo code

Use BIGCOUPON50 coupon in your sign up and you will get the maximum discount available: $50

You have nothing to lose: 97-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you decide within the first 97 days of your time with us that DreamHost isn’t for you, just close your account from our panel and you will automatically be refunded all your money!

If you cancel anytime after those 97 days, you will still get a refund to your credit card for all remaining time!

Enjoy it!

Unlimited disk storage (50GB free backup)

Unlimited monthly bandwidth

Unlimited hosted domains and subdomains

Shell access SSH

Unlimited ftp accounts FTP / SFTP users

Unlimited email accounts

Unlimited MySQL 5 Databases

100% Uptime Guarantee

24/7 Customer Support

1 Click App Installation

WordPress Optimized

97 Day Money Back Guarantee

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How to install WordPress on DreamHost – One-Click Self-Installation

You have two modes for wordpress installation:

  1. Easy Mode
  2. Advanced Mode

The only difference is that you can create your database in advanced mode.

In this video you can see how easy is the WordPress installation on DreamHost:

Upgrading WordPress

In the easy mode installation the upgrade process is done by Dreamhost automatically. In the advanced mode you have to do upgradation yourself, also very easy: only one click. You can also configure it to auto upgrade.

More info:


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[Updated PROMO] Hostgator Coupon Code

We participate in the Hostgator affiliate program and we’ve updated our hostgator coupons:

Use Hostgator coupon MAXCOUPON1, on monthly payments ($9.95 off, first month free on Baby and Hatchling Plan).

Use coupon MAXCOUPON12, for 25% off (up to $590.70 discount) on annual payments.

There is not a cheaper solution!

All these coupons are valid for any and all hosting plans (including shared, reseller, vps and dedicated).

In our opinion the Baby is the best HostGator hosting plan.

Hostgator hosting service is reliable, priced reasonable, environmental friendly, and best of all, their customer supports rocks!

– Guarnateed 99.9% uptime
– Host unlimited domain
– Unlimited bandwidth and disk storage
– Unlimited MySQL and POP3 email account

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DreamHost Review – Cheap Hosting even cheaper with coupon codes

So far everything has been great. Fast idle servers… Great prices and great throughput. Easy admin tools. Haven’t had any reliability issues. I have launched several sites there in the last few days and all is well. For now I can’t see ever moving to another provider.

Extreme Happy Dreamhost Customer. No better value for $$

Dreamhost is a provider who offers very cheap prices all around, for more webspace and bandwith than most other hosters can claim to provide.

I haven’t had any issues with them yet, and am quite content actually. On the one occasion that I needed it, support feedback has been quick. The panel, while it is not CPanel and takes some time to apply changes, is still easy to use and offers all features decently organized. I wouldn’t set up a professional business website on it, but for everything else, this provider is the way to go.

Lastly, it should be noted that it’s advisable to sign up for the site with one of the available coupon codes. This allows you to save money on your first bill.

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DreamHost Review – Users Experience – Very much recommend as a web host!


Dreamhost is really the best hosting company! I have been hosted with dh for 1 year. My experience is great! I really love their easy to use control panel. Everything is great! The support-guys are very cool and fast! I have been hosted with many other companies (such as hostgator, ixwebhosting, justhost, vexxhost, subdesign etc) but from all these, dreamhost is the best!


First of all, my websites don’t sell anything online and don’t get huge numbers of visitors, but if I relied on my site for my income, I would think about investing in a local server for piece of mind. For my purposes, showing (my own) video and music clips, Dreamhost shared hosting has been well priced and pretty reliable. When things have gone wrong ( which they do, every now and again ) its usually sorted out in a reasonable amount of time.

I found the User Panel and one step installation plugins (WordPress) and streaming QT very useful for my purposes. I’ve always found the Customer Service top notch via e-mail and the help wiki is very intuitive. I haven’t used the callback option but I tend to find e-mail support do the trick within 10-30 mins on average.

I recently upgraded to the private server to ensure stability which was quite a seamless transfer after a problem for a couple of hours. All as expected and things are running faster more consistently for a little more $ per month. The shared hosting is a very good option anyway and perfect if your starting out. Make sure you take advantage of the discount offers and you can get yourself, cheap reliable hosting…

With hosting generally, I think you generally get the reliability/speed/control you pay for, but with Dreamhost Sharing, you can get an inexpensive, speedy, service with friendly support (from my experience).


We work about 10 miles away from Dreamhost’s headquarters in Brea. I thought I recommend dreamhost to my boss who runs several e-commerce sites. So we opened up several accounts with dreamhost, everything was fine up until the last few months. I highly recommend that you DO NOT run an e-commerce site on dreamhost. You will lose lots of sales because dreamhost is constantly slow during prime hours. Customers from all over the US complained that the site was extremely slow. Our site is xhtml validate and is even dail-up friendly. We never had problems with our old server that we were leasing from DELL.


I’ve been with Dreamhost for probably going on 5 or 6 years. They have been a great webhost the entire time and constantly expanding and upgrading their serices. I’ve only ever had to contact customer support twice for techincal issues. Both times the response was prompt and fixed my issue right away.

Very much recommend as a web host!


My experience with DreamHost has been awesome so far. I experience very little downtime, download speeds are good for the most part and I have yet to run into a serious problem where I would have to contact customer support. I also love that they add new features every month and the amount of bandwidth and disk space you are allocated grows every week. I personally would recommend this web host to anyone that is starting to get into building/running websites as their web panel is very easy to use.


I currently use DreamHost to host two sites, with one of them being registered there as well. The larger of the two sites serves approx. 4,000 pages per day (not counting the faviocon, robots, and the like) and has an announcement list of approx. 1,000 users who subscribed using a (DreamHost provided) automated system. I have also used DreamHost in the past to host a site for a blogger-run-blog when I had the time to post.

The web hosting aspect is easy to use with standard ftp or secure-ftp access. The management of the various other things (changing billing options, checking user statistics, web-mail, forwarding/redirecting e-mail, and setting up e-mail subscription lists) is very user friendly. The team running it always has a sense of humor in their blog and newsletter — but doesn’t let that get in the way of getting the job done.

I have contacted them over a dozen times in the past with questions on topics such as transferring domains and the use of mailing lists and have gotten helpful responses within 24 hours to each one, often much quicker. (They also have a support wiki that answers a lot of standard questions).

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Dreamhost Coupons

One of the best things of Dreamhost is their dreamhost coupons. They offer very affordable plans with unlimited disk space, and bandwidth. What people liked in Dreamhost is their coupons, they offer coupons that gives up to $97 discount on yearly plan. For example, If you use the dreamhost coupon “——-“, you will get the maximum discount possible.

Dreamhost has very nice customer service. They will help you in setting up word-press, and any other software. They also will reply to your questions very fast. In addition, they offer you the choice to have phone calls with their customer service operators if you really need urgent help, but this is paid and expensive service.

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DreamHost Promo Code

Are you looking for the maximum discount dreamhost promo code? Here it is: ——

All you have to do is put this code when you signup at Dreamhost.

Enjoy it!

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